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DGA Golf & Scoring System
Overview | Golf & Scoring System

Flight, Scoring & Tournament results

Members need to have a DGA Handicap Index (DHI) for net scoring purposes.

Handicap will be adjusted & updated after each game.

NEW members need to submit their handicap indexes at time of joining solely for Flight assignment.

DGA Handicap will be given to NEW members after he/she has played 2 rounds of golf in DGA. However new members with official handicap eg. from GAO (Golf Association of Ontario) will be accepted as DGA official handicap.

DHI will be calculated based upon the best 4 of the last 10 games attended in both current & previous season and Equitable Stroke Control (ESC*) method as set up by RCGA will be used.

* ESC is the downward adjustment of individual hole scores for handicap purposes in order to make handicaps more representative of a player's potential scoring ability. ESC sets a maximum number that a player can post on any hole depending on the player's Course handicap.

ESC is used only when a player's actual or most likely score exceeds his/her maximum number based on the table in Section 4-3 of the RCGA Handicap System Manual. ESC Chart :-

Course HandicapMax # on any hole
0 or +1 over par
1 through 182 over par
19 through 323 over par
33 and up4 over par

Example : If you are a 30 handicap, you can only post triple bogeys, ie 3 over par even if you shot a "8" on a Par 3 hole.

NOTE : An acceptable round of golf should be around 4-1/2 hours thus consideration of the "PACE OF PLAY" is very important to both the golf course and everyone in the tournament.

Therefore DGA has the "double par + 1" policy should he/she is not having a good hole, ie one can pick up the ball when he/she reaches "double par + 1".

For scoring purposes, the "double par + 1" score will be entered and counted accordingly. However, the "Handicap" adjustment after the game will still be based on the ESC scores.

For members played 2 to 11 games, DHI will be based on the best 50% of the games. NO handicap index will be calculated with less than 2 games.

The maximum DHI is 36 for men & 40 for ladies. Members will be rated with Achieved Handicap Index (AHI) & put in 1 of the 2 flights of handicap levels:
  1. Flight A - Handicap Index 0.00 - 25.00
  2. Flight B - Handicap Index 25.01 - 36.00 for Men; 25.01 - 40.00 for Ladies
For returning members, AHI is the same as DHI at the end of previous season. For NEW members, AHI is the handicap index they advise us at the time of registration.


Course Handicap will be calculated for each game to reflect both white & red tees that are being played. (Course handicap = course slope rating divided by 113 x each member's DHI)

Awards for Each of the 11 Tournament Games
  1. *Low NET score winner per flight + 2 Runner-ups (3 winners per flight . total 6);
  2. *Two Closest to the pin; (the 1st Par 3 of front nine & back nine . total 2);
  3. Hole-In-One
* Note - Longest Drives for men & ladies will be available if being sponsored.
* Each male member is eligilble to win the longest drive award only once in the same season.
* Each female member is eligible to win the longest drive award twice in the same season.
* Please note that the Committee reserves the right to reduce the # of awards per game should the participation number falls below 30 golfers.

Eligibility for DGA Annual Award competition (Point System)

Members will need to play at least 5 rounds of golf to qualify for any annual awards.

After each round, players will be rewarded with "Ranking points" for
  1. Low Gross &
  2. Low Net scores.
1 point for 1st place;
2 points for 2nd place;
3 for 3rd place and say we have 80 members, those who didn't play in that game will be awarded 80 points.

To encourage participation, a 0.5 ranking improvement point will be awarded for each round played.

Members with the same total ranking points will share the same ranking position and, if applicable, share the same award.

Winners will be decided from the total ranking points of the best 4 individual competition rounds; (the lower the number, the better the position).

Results from the games will be used to determine trophy awards:

Annual Awards
  1. DGA Club Champion for both Net & Gross winners*;
  2. Low Gross Score Champions and 2 Runner-ups for Flight A & Flight B**;
  3. Low Net Score Champions and 2 Runner-ups for Flight A & Flight B.
Note: *In case there is a tie for Club Champion, the average gross or net scores for games the players played will be used to decide the Champion.

** Club Low Gross Champion will have to give up his/her own Flight Gross Champion. The 1st runner-up will be promoted to be Champion of that Flight.


A section on our web known as "Leaderboard" displays our past champions & winners since the inception of DGA.

To keep everyone up-to-date with the current game result as well as the annual "accumulative status", the Committee tries its best to post each game's result no later than 1 week after the game date.

Handicap will also be adjusted automatically by the Scoring System after the result has been updated for the individual thus his/her appropriate handicap will be reflected in the next game. This feature provides an improvement for having a better & fair playing field.

Tournament results will be posted on DGA website throughout the season.

DGA Dinner Gathering

The winners for each of the tournament will receive his/her respective award(s) at DGA dinner gathering to be held 3 times throughout the season.

each member is encouraged to attend the dinner gathering as it's always fun and important that we have a chance to get together & share our golfing & other experience with our fellow DGA members!

DGA appreciates the support from each member by participating in the organized tournaments/games.

Each member who has played in each Tournament will be awarded a FREE raffle ticket. This special Lucky Draw will take place at each of the 3 DGA dinners. The Lucky Draw winner has to be present at dinner to claim the prize!


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