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Rules & Regulations
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Membership Category
  • Individual membership with minimum of 18 years of age. (Sponsor, Family or Corporate membership is not offered.)
  • Individual must have played at least 10 rounds of 18 holes and have a fair understanding of golf etiquettes & golf rules.
New Membership Application

An application for membership must be completed on the prescribed application form and returned with the sponsoring member's name, applicant's photo, and the appropriate membership fee and deposit by cheque, to the DGA Governing Committee. The application can be submitted to any Governing Committee member as listed; or mailed to the club address as follows:

Dragon Golf Alliance
330 Hwy 7 E, Unit 118
P.O. Box 328
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4B 3P8

All cheques and/or money orders are to be payable to "Dragon Golf Alliance Inc.".

The DGA Governing Committee will evaluate the new membership application and inform its decision to the applicant accordingly. All fees will be returned to the applicant if the application cannot be processed satisfactorily by the Governing Committee.

Membership Rules & Bylaws
  1. Each member has to pay the initiation fee, annual membership fee and any fees that are approved by the DGA Governing Committee.
  2. Annual membership commences on April 1st of each year for a period of 12 months. DGA strongly encourages members to issue a cheque or money order, payable to "Dragon Golf Alliance Inc.", for all payments to DGA.
  3. All renewal annual membership must be paid by March 1st of each year.
  4. The Membership can be terminated by one of the following ways:
    1. As requested by the DGA Governing Committee during the membership period
    2. As requested by subject member
    3. Membership not renewed by the member at the end of a membership period
    4. Membership Renewal are not invited by the Governing Committee
  5. Each member is required to remit and maintain a account balance with DGA (for DGA event booking deposit - subject to DGA's Cancellation Policy & its deduction from member's account). This account balance is non-interest bearing, and is fully refundable at the end of a membership period, when a member decides to terminate his/her membership. DGA reserves the right to debit the member's deposit account for non-refundable green fees and/or penalties, e.g. no-show for a reserved attendance event. This deposit will be forfeited if it is not claimed within 2 years from the date of membership termination.
  6. Any member may resign from his/her membership by giving written notice to the DGA Governing Committee and the annual membership fee will be forfeited.
  7. The DGA Governing Committee reserves the right to reject any membership renewal and revoke existing membership at all times. If the Governing Committee initiates a membership termination, the membership fee will be refunded based on monthly, pro-rated calculation.
  8. Upon ceasing to be a member of the club, any person shall forfeit all rights to claim against DGA, its property and funds.
  9. Each member has the right to elect the Governing Committee, or to be elected to the Governing Committee. Each member has the right to attend all club events
  10. Each member agrees to abide by the guidelines as established by the DGA Governing Committee, and the general conduct guidelines as published by RCGA. Failing that, the member agrees that he/she will withdraw from his/her membership from DGA upon the Governing Committee's request.
  11. Each member agrees that in order to ensure the Club's success, he/she should try their best in their appropriate capacity to assist the Governing Committee on an ongoing basis.
  12. Each member must update his/her personal information on the club Web site, www.dragongolf.ca and keep the information current.
  13. Dragon Golf Alliance Inc. (DGA) will not be liable for any loss, personal injury and property damage to members and/or third parties at all times.
  14. All membership details will be held in a confidential database and members may be contacted by the club from time to time via telephone, postal mail or e-mail in connection with membership or event information. Membership details will not be passed onto any third party or be used for any purpose other than for club business without the member's consent.
  15. Under no circumstances, may any member use the members' information, club logo, and property, or represent the club in any business dealing without the DGA Governing Committee's approval.
  16. The Governing Committee reserves its right to add new or modify the Membership Rules and Bylaws at any time, with reasonable advance notice to all members.
General Meeting

The purpose of the General Meeting is to provide a forum where all major issues at Dragon Golf Alliance Inc (DGA) will be presented.
  1. The Annual General Meeting will be held annually between mid-November.
  2. Any member can appoint a proxy on his/her behalf to attend and vote in the General Meeting.
  3. All resolutions must be voted & passed by majority of vote (50%+).
  4. Any amendment of the Club's Rules & Regulations must be voted and passed at the General Meeting.
  5. Members of the Governing Committee, including the Chairperson, must be accepted by majority of vote in the General Meeting.
Special/Extraordinary Meeting

A Special/Extraordinary Meeting can be held and called under special situations:
  1. When requested in writing by 50% of the Governing Committee members.
  2. When requested in writing by 50% of the total membership in the membership register.
Winding up

If the number of members is less than 30, the Governing Committee should call for a Special/Extraordinary Meeting to determine winding up the Club, or filing a corporate dissolution with the Government of Ontario.

Our Rules

Internet Use
  1. Use of Internet and e-mails are designated as the main communication channel among DGA and its members.
  2. Tournament schedules will be published on the DGA web site.
  3. Signup for all tournaments can only be accepted through the DGA web site.
  1. RCGA Rules apply unless otherwise stated as exception (local golf course rules, and DGA local rules as published or announced).
  2. Once a player (member or guest) declares that he/she withdraws from the trophy or award competition in a DGA event, the decision is irreversible even though the player will continue to complete and finish the play/event.
  3. All members must sign a "Waiver" on file for potential liability issues, and all guests must sign a "Waiver" on all official DGA tournaments.

Tournament and Golf Event Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Notice Penalty
8 or more days prior to game date No Penalty
Less than 8 days prior to game date Full Green Fee
No Show at tee-off time Full Green Fee

  1. Tournament & Golf Meet - Penalty or Cancellation Fee may amount up to the full event cost to a member, at the discretion of the DGA Governing Committee, the Event Manager, and/or actual charges as levied by the golf course.
  2. Members are responsible for their guest(s) green fee(s).
  3. Any unpaid green fee will be deducted from the deposit.
  4. The difference in the deposit must be topped up at renewal for the following golf season.
Game Rules
  • All DGA golf events, golf meets and tournaments adhere to RCGA and USGA Rules.
  • Local Rules of a golf course during a golf event will have priorities over RCGA/USGA rules and parameters.
  • In order to manage the speed and pace of play, unless otherwise stated, all DGA tournaments must observe the following rules:
    • If a golfing group (e.g. a foursome) cannot keep up the pace of the group ahead, and is being asked by the local Course Marshall to skip one or portion of a hole, all members in the group will be disqualified from any tournament trophy competitions.
  • If there is any dispute on rules during a round, the player can play 2 balls for that hole in question, and forward the dispute to the Governing Committee members and Event Manager for a final ruling after the game.
  • All decisions made by the Governing Committee are final.
Game Attendance & Conduct
  • Score cards must be signed and returned to the Event Manager at the end of a tournament round, i.e. immediately after 18th hole, to qualify for any tournament trophies and awards.
  • The Event Manager has the right to ask any attending members and/or their guests to leave a golf event if their conduct (verbal and behavioural) during a game is deemed to be unacceptable.
  • Monetary gambling is not allowed.
Flight Assignment

Flights (in A and B) are assigned by the Governing Committee based on the following factors:
  • Past DGA games record (at least 2 games)
  • Handicap index from Golf Association of Ontario (GAO)
  • Handicap based on current DGA scoring system
  • Handicap index as published in other golf clubs and associations
  • Handicap as conservatively estimated by Governing Committee members after adequate observations on a member's completed games and practice rounds.
  • Flight assignment will only be updated at the beginning of the next golf season

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