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Similar to all Not-for-Profit organizations, DGA is managed by its Governing Committee.

The Governing Committee consists of elected DGA members who run the Club on behalf of all the members. They manage the Club and make business decisions. Decisions made by the Governing Committee are based upon adequate records, reports or information and in the best interest of the membership of DGA as a whole.

Regular Governing Committee meetings are held and meeting minutes are documented for future references. The minutes contain information about the discussion items & decisions made, the attendees & date of the meeting.

All renewing members are welcome to submit their names for upcoming Governing Committee positions, to be approved by the existing Governing Committee members. To be an eligible candidate for the Governing Committee, one must be a renewed DGA member with membership in good standing.

Governing Committee
  1. The Governing Committee is elected by members.
  2. There are no more than 20 members of the Governing Committee who are elected at the General Meeting. The Governing Committee is led by the Chairperson. The term of service of the Chairperson is one (1) year and can be extended for an extra year upon re-election at the General Meeting.
  3. All serving Governing Committee members act on a voluntary basis, and are provided no remuneration for their services.
  4. The Governing Committee can set up Sub-Operation Committees to assist the Club's operations, which may consist of Governing Committee members, general club members and non-members.
  5. The Governing Committee must meet no less than once per quarter (calendar basis) with official minutes be recorded. 50% of the Governing Committee members, or 60% of the Sub-Operation Committee members, are required to reach a quorum.
  6. The Governing Committee has the sole right to review and approve all new membership applications, evaluate membership conducts at all club events and subsequently make the necessary recommendations or issue warnings, request existing members to withdraw their membership, and unilaterally terminate a member's membership.
  7. The Governing Committee is responsible for updating the Membership Register, maintaining members' privacy, purchasing, and collecting all fees (initiation fee, annual fee and other fees approved by the committee) from members.
  8. The Governing Committee would ensure the financial stability and viability of the Club, that all payments out of the DGA monies are correctly made, properly authorized, and a full record is kept of income and expenditure.
  9. The Governing Committee keeps the Club's accounting records and files all necessary returns to the government as required. All records available for members' viewing, upon request.
  10. The Governing Committee sets up rules & regulations for the Club's members, including Local Tournament Rules, and assigning a "Flight" to all members.
  11. The Governing Committee arranges all club events for members, and has the final decision in adding, modifying, and canceling events as deemed necessary to serve the interest of its members and public interests.
  12. The Governing Committee keeps contact and maintains relations with sponsors, and is responsible for all public relations with the media.

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